Women's prestige leather with eyelets and laces


Add a bold and flirty touch to your style with these women's lambskin gloves. Carefully crafted, they feature a distinctive pattern that evokes the elegance of a corset. The leather laces create a delightful pattern that will captivate eyes and highlight your keen fashion sense.

Each glove is lined with 100% silk, guaranteeing you unparalleled comfort, while adding an extra layer of luxury to this already exquisite piece. This silky lining not only preserves warmth, but also provides a soft, smooth feel against the skin, making every wear a purely indulgent experience.

These gloves are more than just an accessory; they are a bold style statement, fusing classic design with a bold contemporary aesthetic. Let these gloves speak to your penchant for luxury and uniqueness, making every appearance an opportunity to stand out.

Make these gloves a must-have addition to your collection, asserting your chic and bold style with every outing. A choice that promises to not only keep your hands warm, but also add drama to any outfit.


The measurement must be made on your "directive hand", that is to say the right, if you are right-handed and on the left, if you are... left-handed. Simply do it with a tape measure and follow the steps:  

You will find below the correspondence of measurements in French size 

Feeding and caring for your gloves

The glove skins we use are perfectly nourished during the tanning stages.

However, over time your gloves may need nourishment to restore their suppleness and shine. Indeed, regular use will dry out the skin.

You can use a milk based on natural fats for leather (if not, a moisturizing cream for babies will do the trick).

How to proceed ?

Using a cloth, spread a thin film, make it penetrate well. Let dry and polish.

Your gloves will have found a second youth.


Clean stains from normal use of your gloves

Some colors acquire a patina over time (hazelnut, brown) and others need to be cleaned. Normal use can cause stains due to sebum, dust and pollution.

It is possible to remedy this by using a mild soap, preferably glycerine so as not to attack the leather.

How to clean leather?

Take soap on a clean, damp cloth, rub and rinse lightly with a second damp cloth. Put your gloves back on during the drying phase so that they retain their shape. Then feed with milk to preserve the flexibility of your gloves.


Clean greasy stains on your gloves


You have just stained your gloves with oil, grease, butter, make-up or any other greasy substance, in this case you must act quickly.

The land of Sommières can save you! It is a natural clay powder which has a formidable absorbent power.

How to proceed ?

It is a dry cleaning. Sprinkle generously with the earth of Sommières on the stain. Rub lightly and leave on for several hours (even overnight if possible). Then remove the soil. Renew the operation if necessary.


Clean suede or shearling gloves

For these skins use a clean crepe brush for suede and nubuck leather. Rub lightly.

You can also use Sommières earth for greasy stains.